I come from a wildly talented family of musicians, poets, artists, and singers. Being surrounded by such inspirational people fostered the need to create and so in some form or fashion, it has always been normal for me. My love for doodling and daydreaming as a young girl evolved into an urge to make art. As life continued, I discovered that I not only have an instinct to create, but a need to create as an expressive outlet. Through deep inward searching, I have gradually found my artistic voice; in moments of loss, shifting my energy into painting brought beauty into sight. I firmly believe that creating and stopping to observe creation and created works can bring healing. My hope is that my art will inspire, and that through it, you see a small piece of me and reflect inwardly on your own self as I have.

While I paint on my own much of the time, my dear friend Jennifer Mancier and I own and operate The Gypsy Art Bar. Together we strive to help others discover and express their creativity. Take a look at the schedule to see scheduled workshops.

When I'm not painting I'm busy chasing and being chased by the four boys in my life: three wild sons and one wild husband.